Sierra Vista, Arizona is a beautiful city of 44,000 surrounded by mountains, lots of mountains!

How many? How about the Huachuca, Dragoon, Whetstone, Mustang, and Mule Mountains? Five mountain ranges! And oh by the way, it is bordered on the east by the San Pedro River. Fortunately, Interstate 10 and State Highway 90 are there to provide fantastic access to the city. By now, you shouldn’t be surprised when I tell you that Sierra Vista is amazingly beautiful.Sierra Vista

And oh, the night life is spectacular too! No, not that night life… although there is a great vibe there too, I am talking about the night skies! Vast skies dotted with stars, planets and galaxies to see and enjoy! Tucson is 70 miles away and so when you leave town to visit one of the night sky viewpoints, all you see is the lights of the universe!

Cochise County is absolutely brimming with observatories. In fact, there are more observatories (50 or more members) here than any other area in the nation. And, if wishing upon a star isn’t quite enough to make it a great night for you, there are nocturnal tours close by as well. These escorted owl stalks allow you to see wildlife and bird life in their natural habitat and you won’t be arrested (Awkward!) for stalking either.

Because the night skies play such an important part in the life of Sierra Vista, don’t be surprised to find out that there are large number of concerts, plays and other dramatic performances that play out under the abundant night skies. Sierra Vista is a great place for fun under the sun or the moon!

buying a house in sierra vista az

Sound interesting? Wait there’s more!

There’s never been a better time to consider a home in Sierra Vista. The recent recession has prices more affordable than you might expect with the median price of a home at about $144,000. There are a number of great schools in the area and because the business community serves not only Sierra Vista and Cochise County, but parts of northern Mexico, you can find whatever you need in one of the many stores and shops. All in all, the living is good in Sierra Vista.

What’s missing? You are! But you can change that and join with so many other people who found what they were looking for in lovely Sierra Vista, Arizona! Call me today to start looking at all the available Sierra Vista real estate listings. We currently have the most up to date information and would love to tour any available homes with you.

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buying a house in sierra vista az