Fort Huachuca Real Estate

Fort Huachuca is a United States Army installation under the command of the United States Army Installation Management Command, located in southeast Arizona. The fort is situated in Sierra Vista, Cochise County. It is about 15 miles (24 km) north of Mexico’s border.

Sierra Vista’s location is south east of the post, while Huachuca City is located north east. Prominent tenants of Fort Huachuca are the United States Army Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM) and the United States Army Intelligence Center. Libby Army Airfield, which shares the runway with Sierra Vista Municipal Airport, is located on the post. It was even on the list of alternate landing locations for the space shuttle, though the land has not been used for that yet.

The headquarters of the Army Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS) also happens to sit in Fort Huachuca. Other tenant agencies situated in the fort include the Joint Interoperability Test Command, Information Systems Engineering Command (ISEC), and the Electronic Proving Ground.

Ft. Huachuca is home to a couple of fantastic museums, located in three different buildings on Post. Each museum is within a short walk from each other. The Ft. Huachuca Museum is in two buildings. One is used as the main museum and gift shop. The other building houses a spillover gallery called the Museum Annex. The museum tells the story of Fort Huachuca and the US Army’s experience in the American Southwest. They put special emphasis on the Buffalo Soldiers and the Apache War. Many a display illustrates life on the post over the period of frontier days. Local volunteers operate the museum. Everyone, of all ages and social statuses, is welcome at the Ft. Huachuca Museum.

The US Army Intelligence Museum is the 2nd museum. The museum follows a theme with art of the evolution of the intelligence within the US Army. This museum is down the street from the Ft. Huachuca Museum. The Intelligence Museum is not very big, but has a compilation of peculiar historical artifacts, including agent radio communication gear, aerial cameras, cryptographic equipment, and a couple of small drones.