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Selling Sierra Vista Real Estate

Selling Sierra Vista Real EstateThis is not the type of market to go at it on your own. If you have already been checking out my site you probably are considering allowing a listing agent to market and sell your home. There are many reasons why having an agent in this market is not only smart but sometimes the only way to sell.  As your agent, I am dedicated to using every available too necessary to market and sell your Sierra Vista home to the best of my ability. I have been recently awarded the ABR Designation. Only 37K out of over a million Realtors receive this designation.     Think I can find you a BUYER!!!

  Having a listing agent to market your home is much more than a simple listing in the local MLS. As a seasoned and skilled agent in the Sierra Vista area I know the market and the current trends in real estate. I stay on top of all the solds and those currently listing in this area. Knowing this, helps me determine the best possible price for you home and a marketing strategy as to whom to market too. Being in this business for as long as I have, I probably have a buyer or at least know of agents that have buyers that might be interested in your specific home.

Once we have determined the best price and marketing plan for your home, it's up to you to do some interior work to help sell the home fast.

Seller Tips

 - Keep the home as clean as you can at all times.

This may be hard to do especially if you have children. But coming up with a plan in case you have a last minute showing can reduce stress and possible make a sale. Don't let large projects or messes pile up. Keep things to where you could clean up spotless within 20-30 minutes. If you can, hire a cleaning service once a week until the home is sold to keep the deep cleaning work covered. The surface and tidying up can be done easily when the deep cleaning is handled.

 - Pack personal photos, belongings and collections.

Buyers want to look at your home, not your stuff. Don't distract them by having family photos on the wall and memorabilia or collections on display. Clear away as much clutter as you can. Imagine your home as a hotel room or resort. Keep it as neutral and fresh as possible.

 - Keep walkways and halls clear.

Make sure each room flows to the next easily. Remember buyers typically come through with not just the agent but spouses, kids, friends or family members. Consider having 5-7 people walk through your house at once. Is there enough room around furniture? Yes, they won't be walking as a group throughout their own home but you don't want anything to distract them from the spaciousness of your home.

 - Keep colors neutral.

This doesn't have to mean boring. White walls are also a turn off. Keep colors warm and inviting and trim clean and a nice contrast. For inspiration visit model homes and open houses and take notes on what your buyers are seeing.

 For specific ways to market and stage your Sierra Vista home, please contact me anytime. I specialize in helping those in the Sierra Vista real estate area and anywhere in Cochise county.