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Real Estate Market Report for Sierra Vista - January 2014

Currently there are about 780 properties and homes for sale in Sierra Vista Arizona priced from $10,000-$699,000 for single-family homes, $1,550,000 for income, investments, lots and land.

Of those 780 properties, 501 listings are single-family homes with 44 sales currently pending.

The most popular price range for homes in Sierra Vista is between $100,000 and $150,000. There are currently about 120 homes for sale in this price range. The median list price for all properties is about $198,000.

Over the last six months, the median sold price of homes is about $162,000 and about 115 days on the market. Those under $50,000 have sold in less time. Over the last month, January, 2014, days on market was roughly 105 with a median sales price of $124,000.

The average price per square foot remains about the same as it was last year at $84 with an average listing price of about $180,000. Both the average and median sales price and list prices are down between one and 5% over last year.

Over the last six months about 350 homes have sold with the median price of $162,000. However, within that same given time over 1000 homes have failed to sell and they may be priced too high, marketed incorrectly or simply import condition.

All of these factors play a huge role in whether your home will sell, how fast it will sell, and how much profit you are set to gain. If you feel your home is over $150,000 you may be prepared to sit on the market slightly longer. Again, like we said before, those homes priced between $100,000 and $150,000 have sold quicker, specifically within 100 days or less.

For more information give me a call today for pricing your home correctly.

Big changes coming in 2014

There will be major changes to the real estate market come 2014. Lower debt to income ratios and self employed borrowers will have a more difficult time getting a loan. They will need more proof of income to qualify and even then it may be tricky. The debt to income ration will be dropped from 50% to 43%.

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