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A Spacious Home in Sierra Vista

Sierra Vista Real Estate 

Five bedroom homes in Sierra Vista may be more popular than you might think. While most homes are between two and three bedrooms, and the occasional four-bedroom pops on the market, you would think that a five bedroom or more home is quite unlikely but there are actually dozens for sale currently in the Sierra Vista area. Having those extra two or three bedrooms means more space for offices, guest rooms, kids rooms, storage areas, playrooms, or whatever you need the extra space for. It keeps the rest of the house uncluttered and allows for a lot of extra storage. Those that work from home make those extra rooms really count.Sierra Vista Real Estate

Five bedroom homes in Sierra Vista Arizona are quite affordable starting at just $150,000. Homes can range as high as $550,000 but this is typically for a five or six bedroom home on larger lots or with more acreage. Many of these homes are for sale by the owners themselves rather than a short sale or foreclosure which means they typically will be in better condition. Many of these larger homes will also have more square footage, usually between three and 5000 ft.².

A five bedroom home will typically have between three and six bathrooms. Master bedrooms will have their own master bath and you may find another bedroom with a private and dedicated bathroom as well. Usually, these homes will be on at least two levels is not three and will have a bathroom or two on each level. Some of these homes have been converted from a family room into two or three different bedrooms so the bedrooms may be small, especially those homes priced below $250,000.

If you’re interested in looking at homes with five bedrooms or more anywhere in Sierra Vista I urge you to contact me today or simply search through the Sierra Vista Listings with my website. My site has all the current listings just like the big guys, so make sure you get that hometown service most home buyers desire.